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Took a little stroll through east nashville’sfarmers market wed. afternoon and took along my camera. this is what I captured. such a fabulous varitey offered…

portrait photographer

nashville tn portrait photography

child photographer

nashville tn child photography

with Mom’s permission I captured this little cutie enjoying a nice cool treat ♥

nashville portrait photography

nashville's portrait photographer

band photographer

band photographer

nashville tennessee senior photographer

portrait photographer

nashville portrait photographer


portrait photography

nashville portrait studio


nashville portrait studio

This is just a sample of what’s all offered at the market. You need to make plans to be here next Wed.!

Thanks for stopping by. Comments always Welcomed and appreciated. :)

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whenever I get to spend time with family. We are bonded by heritage. We share a set of Grandparents, our mother’s are sister’s. We share a childhood full of memories. Stories of our childhood seem almost hard to believe, to others, we survived them! Take 6 zany girls (well, Stacie tried to keep us from some of our craziness! and Kerri, we just dragged her along!) close to the same age and give them lots of unsupervised time together and see what they can come up with or get into. Just one “for instance”, we got the idea that it would be, OH so much fun to take turns standing outside of the pickup camper and hang onto the thin handle while are parent’s were driving around the farm roads in Nevada. We joke that our Guardian Angels were the busiest angels of all!

The four of us, cousins, made a pack while we were young girls that we would stand up of each other in our weddings and we did. Leslie was my Matron of Honor, I was her Maid of Honor, Dee Dee was Kelli’s Maid of Honor and Kelli was Dee Dee’s Matron of Honor. All in the 80’s so we had BIG HAIR! :)

Kelli and her husband Rick and Leslie got to visit us Tennessee Lehman’s this summer for a few days. And it was a wonderful visit. We stopped by the studio for a quick few shots, of course! I took Kelli and Rick’s engagement photo while I was still in college and I wanted to take another one of them all these almost 30 years later.

Here’s Kelli making turning 50 this year look GOOD!

Here’s Leslie making “Grandma” of 4 grandchildren and one on the way look GOOD! Leslie and I were born in ‘62. She has married with children, children, and my son is a freshman in High School! It’s all good.

Kelli and Leslie are two of the four sister’s. Perhaps someday we will all be able to get together.

SO, I had to get in the fun as well! :)

And because I believe in equal opportunity embarrassment and don’t want my little sister to feel left out, I’m posting this fun photo of her from her visit in June this summer as well!

and this one, which is slightly blurred but that I love.

I am blessed to have been born in this family of women. The best part of me is wrapped up in the riches of their lives and our precious time spent together. From the famous late night applesauce fight in the camper, our camping trips and games we created at Canyon Creek, endless laughter, heartbreak and healing, children born and grown. All nuggets of treasures I have placed in my heart and can bring out and enjoy and marvel over at a whim. Priceless and precious to me, like all of them…

Thanks for dropping by…

Joy to you!

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by Laurie Lehman…

First, get the IDEA you know what you are doing when it comes to making changes on the computer.

Second, proceed ahead with said IDEA and make some changes to your email account passwords. Changes that you WILL NOT be able to REMEMBER once you have moved forward!

Third, realize you have just screwed up TOTALLY and start surfing the internet to find solutions. This ties into the “first” mistake as you are still believing you can FIX THE PROBLEM.

Fourth, follow some of the suggestions you found surfing the internet and DIG yourself a little further in the HOLE…

Fifth, start to get paniky! Now the emails aren’t working at all, and the “Enter Network Password” dialogue boxes for both your email accounts are popping up EVERY couple seconds!

Sixth, seek a life line… call outside help. when that doesn’t work. restart your computer, AGAIN!

Think of someone, an expert that you can call, GEEK SQUAD. Torture the poor person, who is unlucky enough to be the one who gets your call, by trying to explain to him what you did and that you really don’t even know what it was you did.

Seven, Get passed off to Comcast! Where at LONG LAST you get one account set up right!

Eight, Send a help request to your domin host requesting your password. will hopefully be receiving emails again TOMORROW!

THE WHOLE DAY shot! Just like that. 

thanks for listening!

(p.s. Our email account has either been hacked, or someone who has a virus, the virus is pulling our address and sending people spam emails from this account. We have ran numberous virus scans and we don’t have one…)

LOGGING OFF… Thank goodness!

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The date for our studio Grand Opening is SATURDAY, AUGUST 28th, from 5 p.m.-9 p.m.! I am excited to have our date at long last! There will be PRIZES.. Lots of PRIZES! and a PORTRAIT SPECIAL and FOOD and MUSIC.  More details coming very soon…  :)

I have a NEW sign! The last sign design was so dark that on one could SEE it. SO.. I set to work and designed this one myself. I’ve reworked my logo as well and everyone can see it now. I really love this one and it’s a KEEPER! (photos of my studio window)…

All for now… Thanks for dropping in…

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