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I have been blessed with the support and encourgement in my business from my friend Anita. It was Anita, after my first time photographing her girls, that got me thinking about going into business with my photography. She has sent countless emails spreading the word about my work. I’ve been able to rely on her with help during several Studio events. I am thankful for her encourgement, prayers and the help she has given me. It was Anita that found me my darling little model for my Santa promo shoot! Thank you sweet friend for all you have done. I am so grateful for your friendship. I hope you will be pleased with these portraits ♥

It has been amazing to watch and photograph Adrienne, who we first meet while she and Calvin were in Kindergarten, become this beautiful young lady.

It is apparent how fast time is flying by with this photograph of Paige. It seems to me that over night she has changed from the little girl we first meet to this

wonderful young lady as well!


So here is the sneek peek friend! It was a blast shooting your girls again! Thanks for everything ♥


All my studio photos were taken with my BIG BEAUTIFUL LIGHT, that I LOVE. This giant is a 7ft octagon. This was the light set up recommended and used by Brianna Graham at her workshop I attended in Sept. I wasn’t sure how I would like working with a light but I must say I just love it! I am putting together some “Studio Saturday” sessions after the new year so be sure to check back for all the info! (website)

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. Anita - Dec 19, 2010

    Oh my word! They’re so beautiful, Laurie. Thank you, and thank you for the kinds words. My entire family is very proud of what you’re accomplishing in your business. Blessings, friend!

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