Little Maddie…

The whole, “lets go take some photos”, was never 15 month old Maddie’s idea. And had she actually been given the choice, she would had said “No, not interested, I’ll pass!”

She did however, have hold all the cards.

That’s just how it goes when photographing young children. If she was going to actually sit in the chair, even if we continued to put her in it over and over, it was because she wanted to. They don’t sit or stand still. Very young children want to be moving and exploring, especially in a location setting.

It maybe a challenge,

but that’s where my job comes in. It’s my job to be ready, engage the child, make eye contact, and keep them focused on me and the camera. And it’s a job I absolutely love.


I just know, the next opportunity I have to photograph little Madison, she’ll WANT to wear that vintage hat! 🙂

I’d love to hear your children photo session stories. Leave me a comment.

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